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How to Prepare Pets for Moving

by Aaron on August 21, 2015 Comments Off on How to Prepare Pets for Moving

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Blue Diamond provides clean and secure storage units in Las Vegas for all of your moving needs but have you thought about how your pets will handle the big move? Some of us treat our pets like our children and their comfort and well-being is of top concern. We understand completely want to provide you with some helpful information that will help prepare your pets come moving time.


Get to Know The Area

Humans aren’t the only ones that can have a hard time when moving to a new and foreign location. Pets are likely to experience some strong emotions regarding the change of scenery just like you are. If you can, bring your pets to the new neighborhood beforehand and take them on a walk so that it becomes a familiar place. This is a nice way to break them in before moving day.


Take Them to The Vet

If you’re moving somewhere far and will require a new veterinarian, make sure to take your pets in beforehand to make sure that their shots and exams are up to date. This is smart to do before moving because you never know what could happen before you familiarize yourself and find a vet in your new neighborhood.


When You Arrive to The New House

When you get to your new home, allow your pets to sniff around for awhile and do their thing. Pets need to really get to know a place and they use their nose to get familiar with new places and things. Let them wander around the home and yard without interruption and they’ll start to feel more at home in no time.


Update ID Tags

Once you’re settled in, updating your pet’s ID tags should be one of your first priorities. If something were to happen and a pet gets lost, you don’t want them being taken to your old address. If you prefer to use just the phone number, that’s fine but there should be no prior addresses on the tags as this could just lead to confusion if someone is unable to reach you via phone.


Implementing these tips should make the move more comfortable for your furry friends. If you need Storage Units in Las Vegas, give us a call and we’ll be happy to get you all set up and prepared for your move!

AaronHow to Prepare Pets for Moving