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Prevents Rodents From Getting Into Your Storage Unit

by Aaron on December 17, 2014 Comments Off on Prevents Rodents From Getting Into Your Storage Unit

Rodents will wreak havoc and damage on your possessions when they are able to get inside your storage unit. Nobody wants this to happen, but not everybody knows that simple precautions can eliminate it from happening all together.

Do Not Store Food Inside Your Storage Unit

Rats and mice are pros at eating through paper and cardboard packaging, especially when there is food on the other side of it. Canned items are probably the only food items that cannot be ruined by rodents. However, if you want to do everything you can to keep rodents out, stay away from all food.

Keep the Ground Clean

Landscapes that are unkempt and littered with trash are the perfect swelling place for rodents. During the colder months, these rodents will try to seek shelter inside your storage unit, and eventually ruin your valuables. Prevention starts on the outside of your storage unit.

Store Fabric in Plastic Bins

Rodents love to chew through and make nests in cushions, fabrics, bath towels, etc. Anything fabric that is stored in a Las Vegas Storage unit has the potential of being ruined by a rodent – unless you know how to pack it right. Rodents cannot chew through plastic bins, so do your best to store fabric in these.

Place Traps Throughout

Traps are very effective in catching rodents once they have made their way into your storage unit.

Finding a Storage Facility that has never had a rodent problem isn’t likely. But you can’t help what has happened in the past, you can just prepare for the future. It is easier to prevent rodents from coming in, rather than try to remove them once they have made a home in your possessions.

AaronPrevents Rodents From Getting Into Your Storage Unit