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Self Storage Safety Features in Las Vegas, NV

by James on March 17, 2012 Comments Off on Self Storage Safety Features in Las Vegas, NV

e0a70f72bdae9885bfc32d7cd19a26a1_LWhen searching for a self storage facility in Las Vegas, NV, there are certain safety features that you must check before making any decision. On the other hand, with these added security measures, a number of self storage facilities may charge a slightly higher rental fee to make up for the cost of the maintenance of these security amenities. Being aware of the various kinds of security measures and being familiar with their uses will help you determine if you are spending too much money on these safety features.

  • Gates and Fencing

Perimeter gates and fencing are considered one of the most important safety measures that Las Vegas, NV self storage facilities provide. Search for fencing that encloses the whole self storage facility. Your items are safe with the aid of a secure and coded gate that can be utilized only by self storage clients. When you are planning to rent a self storage unit to keep your items, be sure that the storage facility is enclosed by a superior quality fence and gate. Certain city laws restrict the level of the fence, but the higher the fence the better. Furthermore, you will also like to ensure that the fencing and gates is well-maintained outside and inside of the self storage facility.

  • Lighting

Search for self storage facility in Las Vegas, NV with no shortage of lighting. Be sure that the self storage premises where the storage rental units are situated is also in a well-lit area. This means more lights inside and outside the self storage perimeter and at the entry ways. Drive by the self storage facility during nighttime to find out if all of the lighting fixtures are functioning properly and in superb condition. If the self storage facility maintains these amenities on a regular basis, there is no doubt that they are making the security of your items a priority. The lighting fixtures should be noticeable outside and inside of the rental unit.

  • Lock and Keys

Having your own personal superior quality lock and keys will give you further confidence that your items are secured. If you are not sure of what kind of lock to pick out, ask the facility staff or manager what kind of lock and keys you should buy and where you can purchase it. Choose a lock that cannot be easily cut by bolt cutters and any other related equipment.

  • Keypad System

Some storage facilities in Las Vegas, NV will have keypad system in order for the renters to get into the facility. Each client will obtain an access code, which gives them access into the self storage facility. But without the access code, the client cannot enter inside the self storage facility to access their rental unit.

  • Video Surveillance

Most self storage facilities in Las Vegas, NV have surveillance cameras situated at the entrance gate. These cameras will keep track of who is coming and going out from the self storage premises. Find out if there are additional surveillance cameras on the premises and where they are positioned. You can ask the facility manager to help you locate the surveillance cameras. Check if somebody is routinely monitoring the video feeds to search for any suspicious actions.

JamesSelf Storage Safety Features in Las Vegas, NV

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