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Some of Our Favorite Cleaning Hacks

by Aaron on July 30, 2015 Comments Off on Some of Our Favorite Cleaning Hacks

Blue Diamond provides storage units in Las Vegas for all of your storing needs but if you’ve just moved a bunch of your stuff, chances are you have some cleaning to do. Storing possessions away can be a gentle (or not so much) reminder that there is deep-cleaning to do because those once covered areas and now fully exposed. Let us help you by providing you with some fun cleaning hacks.

Remove Nail Polish Stains with Rubbing Alcohol

If you have girls in your household, you’ve probably seen nail polish on the carpet at some point in your life. Getting rid of it is easier than you might think—simply pour some rubbing alcohol onto a microfiber cloth and gently rub it away. It should come right up.

Get Rid of Pet Hair with a Squeegee

Pet hair somehow seems to make it’s way into every corner and crevice in your home if you own shedding animals. Instead of hassling with a vacuum, grab a squeegee and use it to rake up pet hair and all surfaces and you’ll see that it should come right up.

Remote Grout Mildew with Cotton and Bleach

To get rid of yucky grout mildew, head over to your local beauty store and purchase cotton coils. Soak them in bleach and lay them out on the mildew and let it sit for a day. When you remove the cotton, the grout should be gone.

Use Coca-Cola to Remove Oil Stains

Storage units are great for cleaning out the garage but you might end up finding some unsightly oil stains. This is where coca-cola comes in handy—not only a refreshing beverage, it’s great for taking oil out of cement. Just pour directly onto the stain, let sit for a few hours, and rinse away with water.

Get Rid of Grease Stains with Chalk

Grease stains on the wall are inevitable especially if you have kids but they are pretty easy to get rid of. Just rub some white chalk on them and then wipe away stains with a damp cloth and your walls will be good as new.

Dust Blinds with Socks

Blinds can be tricky to clean with your every day duster. If you have old socks lying around, you can put one over your hand and go in between each blind to really get the hard to reach dust. When finished, just throw the sock into the dirty laundry to reuse the next time you dust.

At Blue Diamond Storage in Las Vegas, we’re all about hacks that make your life easier, we hope these ones help make the sometimes daunting task of cleaning somewhat painless.

AaronSome of Our Favorite Cleaning Hacks