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Storage For Electronics

by James on November 19, 2014 Comments Off on Storage For Electronics

Electronics are not only valuable, but also very fragile. You need to use every safety precaution to make sure you keep your electronics safe and in good working condition. With the right methods and supplies, you can ensure that your computers, DVD players, TV’s and other electronics will be kept safe in storage.

The professionals at Blue Diamond Storage have provided this list of tips to help you when you plan to use Las Vegas Storage to store your electronics.

The first thing you need to do is gather the right packing materials:

Using original boxes is ideal

Blankets or towels to wrap electronics

Packing tape

Dehumidifying agents like silica gel packets

Sealable bags

Twisty ties


Bubble wrap

Tips For Packing Electronics:

The first step is to check the owners manuals to se if there are any special precautions you need to take or directions you need to follow. If you have lost the hard copy of the manual, you can often find a digital copy on the manufacture’s website.

Do not store electronics directly on the floor. Instead, put the boxes on pallets or boards.

Use climate-controlled storage. Extreme temperatures will ruin most electronics. The best temperature for electronics is between 50 – 80 degrees; so make sure you find a storage unit that is climate controlled.

Before you pack your electronics, you will need to remove all detachable items such as wires, cords, CD’s, batteries, and so forth. Label each of these for their use and where they connect and put them in separate bags.

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