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Storage Tips for Moving

by Aaron on May 12, 2015 Comments Off on Storage Tips for Moving

Do you have a big move on the horizon? If so, you may already be feeling the stress that comes with the territory. Moving is hard work and requires a lot of patience and planning. It also means you may need to leave some of your stuff behind. Blue Diamond Storage in Las Vegas is here to make your life easier and provide safe and secure, air cooled storage units Las Vegas for those belongings that you can’t take with you.

Plan Ahead

First, you’ll need to do some thorough planning so that you can ultimately decide what is coming with you and what is staying behind. Take inventory of your belongings and create a list of what you will be storing. Then organize by least important to most important because when it comes time to store your items, you’ll want to make sure that your more important items are more accessible. If you have storage that you simply don’t use or plan to in the future, we recommend selling it, donating it, or trashing it if it won’t benefit anyone. Throwing away anything should be the last resort if it’s not something you can donate.

Invest in Some Supplies

You’re going to need lots of sturdy cardboard boxes and plenty of tape; those rolls don’t come with as much as you’d think. Use boxes over bags whenever possible for more safe and secure storage. When it comes to wrapping fragile items such as dishes and antiques, we highly recommend bubble wrap. It does a good job at protecting your belongings, it’s clean, and because it’s clear you can easily see what’s beneath. Make sure you have enough boxes for everything because loose items are prone to collecting dust.

Packing Time

Now that you have everything ready to go, it’s time to start packing. Make sure to fill boxes to capacity to get the best use of space. You should also be able to close and tape your boxes so don’t fill past capacity. Organize by room, or type of item, whatever is easiest for you and label for easy reference later on. Just make sure to evenly distribute weight as you pack; it’s really easy to throw a bunch of heavy items into a box without thinking too much about it only to not be able to move it afterwards.

Packing Larger Items

Let’s face it, you can’t put everything in a box. Things like mattresses, refrigerators and other large items left behind are going to stand-alone. Make sure to completely drain appliances that use water such as washers to prevent water damage and mildew. Store furniture and mattresses upright and disassemble any furniture that you can for best use of space. Disassembled furniture can also be wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent scratching. Make sure to leave space between your larger items for easy moving in the future. We offer air cooled storage units Las Vegas so that you don’t have to worry about heat damage to your furniture.

These are all great tips but most importantly, give yourself plenty of time. Blue Diamond Storage will provide you with the storage unit but everything done beforehand will take some careful timing and preparation. We’re here to help you with the rest.

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