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Why Air Cooled Units Are Important

by Aaron on March 30, 2015 Comments Off on Why Air Cooled Units Are Important

Protect Your Units From Las Vegas Heat

Las Vegas is in the desert and for this reason can obviously get pretty hot. When locating a storage unit in Las Vegas, it’s important to find a place that provides air-cooled units so that you protect your valuables from the heat. Blue Diamond Storage provides you with secure, air cooled units for your convenience. Just why is this important? We’ll tell you.


Things like DVDs and CDs should be stored in a cool environment because exposure to heat over time will damage them. The heat could cause the quality in picture or sound to decline and this should be avoided, especially since these things typically aren’t cheap.


Most of us would probably consider our art pieces to be valuable and would hate for anything to happen to them. Heat and humidity can cause mold to start growing on your art and can also start to strip away the paint. This doesn’t apply to just canvas and paper, sculptures also require care and a cool environment.


When it comes to your electronics, a consistent temperature is the key. Extreme temperatures, whether it be hot or cold, can damage your electronics because of the condensation that could potentially build up inside the equipment. It’s best to keep these items in a unit that stays the same temperature at all times and with the Vegas heat, cooler is better.


Unless you want your clothing to develop a yellow hue, picking an air-cooled unit is also reason to protect your clothes. High heat also leads to humidity, which in hand results in mildew – another enemy of your clothing. Clothing should be kept in a cool controlled temperature environment at all times.

Newspapers and Photos

These two things are especially vulnerable to heat and can be easily ruined if not stored in a smart manner. Humidity can cause newspapers to split and roll up and will also cause the paper lining on photos to separate from the photo itself. Once ruined, these valuables are irreplaceable so it’s a good idea to keep them from the heat, period.


Wine and heat is a dangerous combination. Heat can actually hinder a wine’s ability to age properly and will end up destroying the flavor. Wine that gets too hot will even start to push the cork right out of the bottle.

For these reasons, we can’t stress enough how important it is to find an air-cooled unit when searching for storage units in Las Vegas. Blue Diamond storage offers air controlled storage units because we want to provide you with a safe and secure location to store your goods without having to worry about heat damage.

AaronWhy Air Cooled Units Are Important